How to Use Vident iAuto 702 Pro to Reset Electronic Throttle Sensor for SEAT LEON 2013

As an upgraded powerful multi-application service tool which covers the majority of special functions available on all brands in the market, VIDENT iAuto702Pro combines with Vident’s technical strength and popularity of iLink450 on market,covering ABS and SRS diagnosis, iAuto702Pro offers at least 23 maintenances to help workshops, technicians and enthusiasts alike in time and budget with 4.3″ color screen and steady physical construction.


This article is gonna share the method on How to Use Vident iAuto 702 Pro to Reset Electronic Throttle Sensor for SEAT LEON 2013 with all the customers.

Main Operation Steps:

Back to Application main menu and select “TPS V16.22”


A message prompts “This is a quick access function for some brands of cars: if you do not find the model and year of the vehicle that you are looking for, please enter to SCAN or Diagnostic function in the main menu and access this function (Not all cars have this function from the marker.)”


Then click OK to enter Electronic throttle sensor reset page


After learn the Throttle matching prompt, then select car brand “SEAT” and “Automatic Scan”

vident-iauto702-pro-reset-oil-tps-seat-leon-2013-15 vident-iauto702-pro-reset-oil-tps-seat-leon-2013-16

Follow the prompt to switch ignition on

Then select “Electronic throttle sensor reset”


Read the Throttle Learning and confirm all the requirements


Then read fault codes


There is no fault code detected, and a Throttle Learning message appears as below

vident-iauto702-pro-reset-oil-tps-seat-leon-2013-21 vident-iauto702-pro-reset-oil-tps-seat-leon-2013-20

Select “Type 2-Chanel 060” to match the throttle body adaption


Match success!


This is the dashboard status after resetting TPS.