How to Use VIDENT iLink400 to Read & Erase Codes for 2006 Land Rover Freelander2

As a cost-effective professional multi-system scan tool, VIDENT iLink400  can not only perform basic functions such as read/erase codes and live data, but also it’s capable of advanced functions such as actuation, adaption and programming.

Moreover, it lets you to access the most commonly required service features such as Oil service Light Reset, Throttle Body Alignment, Electronic Parking Brake Service, Battery configuration, Steering Angel Sensor Calibration, CBS correct and much more.

This article shares the test report on Land Rover and some customer reviews about it.

Vident iLink400 test on Land Rover Freelander

Car: 2006 Land Rover Freelander 2

Device: iLink400 scan tool

vident-ilink400-land-rover-freelander2-diagnosis-1 vident-ilink400-land-rover-freelander2-diagnosis-2

Enter Vident iLink400 Application

Select “LandRover”


Loading data…

Select vehicle “Land Rover”-> “Automatic selection”


Communicating vehicle…

Read out the vehicle model, engine and model year


Enter main menu

There are 5 options:

Diagnosis, Hot Function, Service, Programming/Customization/ Vehicle profile


Diagnosis includes Auto Scan, Control Units


Select “Auto Scan”-> “PCM”


You can see 4 options in function menu


Read codes:

Select “Read code” to read out the vehicle codes and then save


Save codes success


Erase codes:

Select “Erase codes”


Confirm the ignition is on and engine is stopped


Select “Yes” to erase codes


Erase codes success!


Live data:

There are 2 options: All data and Custom list


All data display


Enter “Data list”

You can select the data to view or clear


Return to main menu

Hot function includes:

Oil Reset, Electric Parking Brake, TPMS, Brake bleed, DPF &SCR, Immo &keys, Steering, Suspension, Throttle, Windows, door and roof, Seats, Headlamp, Oil Reset, Electric Parking Brake, TPMS, Brake bleed, DPF& SCR

vident-ilink400-land-rover-freelander2-diagnosis-19 vident-ilink400-land-rover-freelander2-diagnosis-20 vident-ilink400-land-rover-freelander2-diagnosis-21

VIDENT iLink400 Customer Reviews

Review 1: I’m using this ilink400 on a HAMMER H2 2005, it can scan full system and reads and clears the codes from all modules, it helps me handle airbag reset. Works perfectly! Especially when i know it have 17 much special function, i think it was a value purchase.

I chose HAMMER. I’m gonna add bmw and mazda and honda eventually. What a great value! This is a must tool if you have numerous cars and like to keep up on their performance, recommend!

Review 2: King of the Inexpensive Scanners!!
This is a review of the GM functions on the latest download of the GM update. Tested on 2001 Blazer 4×4 (J1850 VPW), 2004 Avalanche 4×4 (J1850 VPW), 2006 G6 GTP (CANBUS). What is available depends on the vehicle it is hooked up to (this is a very good thing). PIDs appear to be adequately filtered.

For Avalanche had to enter vehicle manually. ilink 400 sanner has ABS Brake Bleed, Injector Testing, CASE Relearn (crank sensor relearn) and reads Cam Sensor Retard. And this is just barely scratching the surface. I scrolled through the Powertrain PIDs for the three vehicles and all the pertinent enhanced GM ones seem to be there. Reads and clears codes for individual modules like ABS, SIR, Powertrain, BCM, HVAC, etc. Also has some PIDs for various modules and some bidirectional controls. However found nothing for TCCM (4WD) module. It did have most modules (ABS, Transmission, Entertainment, SIR, Powertrain, etc) for the G6 and did find an error code with my radio (which does have a problem). Don’t know how this would work on 2013+, but as I understand up to 2012 CANBUS should be pretty much the same.

Review 3: for what I need to use VIDENT iLink400 for it works well. tool is easy to update. I dumped the software for GM into the tool. was easy to do. the sard reader that comes with the tool is a piece of crap I have my own micro sd to USB adaptor that is much better than the one in the kit with the scanner. I have used it a few times. I wish it had a broader reach of abs/sir trans and ecm data it’s hit or miss whet it will read and not the same on every vehicle.

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